Funny Lawsuit Over Adult Toys

It is Friday so I thought I would post something light today. This recent appeal case have attached for your reading Explodes with colorful language given its subject matter. It is a great Relief to know that justices do not take themselves too seriously when crafting an opinion that must Stand Up to scrutiny and will surely Arose Passions in the losing party. Why Toy with the law when you can get right to the Heat of the matter while fully Exploring issue sure to Tantalize future courts with the Pleasure of interpreting the application of such a decision as the one I have uploaded for you today. I am sure some many of you will find Pleasure in reading what could be considered a painful experience to some.

In a patent infringement action involving sexual devices, district court’s judgment is reversed where the patented invention would have been obvious to persons skilled in the relevant art, as it is a standard product with well-known properties and substituting the type of glass in the device was not a venture into the unknown.(Click Here to Read the Opinion)

Posted by Clint Coons, asset protection attorney, Seattle, WA

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