Why Do Some of My Posts Link to BiggerPockets?

asset protectionI have received a few emails from readers of my blog asking me why I link some of my posts back to BiggerPockets. In short it is because I have an arrangement with the founder of BiggerPockets, Joshua Dorkin, that any material I write for his site will not reproduced in whole on any other site. I accept this arrangement with the understanding that he is building a site for real estate investors and would like it to be a unique experience for its members. I post many of the articles I write for his site on my blog because I believe the posts are informative and to be completely honest (yes I am an attorney and I am sure someone is thinking is it possible :)) I do not have the energy to rewrite each post and make it unique for my personal blog. Some have asked if I have a financial arrangement with BiggerPockets for each person who clicks through to the site to read the remainder of my posts. The answer is No I do not and would not consider such an arrangement. Writing this post and receiving feedback is compensation enough. So I trust you do not find it to inconvenient to read the remainder of different posts on BiggerPockets.

All the best in life and investing.

Clint Cons

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