Introduction to Asset Protection Video

Here is a video I recently put together on the importance of asset protection planning. The running length is approximately 1.4 hours. I cover many aspects of planning including the use of land trusts, corporations, LLCs and living trusts.

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  • Good afternoon, Mr. Coons, I prayed to the Lord for Estate Planning and Asset Protection solutions for my family and I was led to your website. My story is similar to your father’s desire for his family as well. After working honorably for 26 years in government, I’ve basically had to resign due to forced reasons but have always wanted to leave an inheirtance for my kids and protect my assets and their assets from being taken away from them by unlawful and unethical crises or individuals. After due-dillengce and detail research, I believe you have answered many of my questions and have given me a blue-print on how to set-up wealth transfer plan for me and the Clayborn family. Great job and I appreciate your passion in this area of knowledge.

    Always Thankful & Serving,
    Eric Clayborn

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