Stock Traders Seminar

Join Anderson Business Advisors for our 2 Day Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation Seminar for Stock Traders on November 30 at Seattle Airport Marriott.

Who Should Attend?
Lawsuits, taxes, and death are all inevitable. You can’t ignore them. You can lose everything in a lawsuit. The government gets most of what’s left when you die. However, you do have an alternative. You can take action and take control of your life and your business. As an active stock trader, investor, or someone interested in protecting their assets, this seminar will give you the education necessary to keep your assets safe and secure.

Why You Should Attend?
You are working hard to secure your finical future that is why you owe it to yourself and your family to protect your investments and gain the peace of mind that can only come from solid planning.
During the seminar you will learn:
• Different forms stock market investing from Active Day Traders to Investors
• The asset protection and tax reduction options available to any person investing in the market
• How a Corporation can benefit a benefit a full or part time trader
• Learn the impact a Limited Liability Company versus a Limited Partnership can have on your investing
• How to consolidate your retirement assets in one plan that offers additional trading options that most retirement plans do not provide
• What is the appropriate entity for your particular from of trading
• What it takes to be a “Trader”
• Options for those individuals who do not qualify as “Traders”
• How to reduce your tax liability
• How to shield your assets from problems, and turn those problems into solutions
• Foolproof techniques to ensure your family’s financial future
• Eight essential estate planning techniques that will protect your family and avoid probate
• Those states that offer great asset protection and those states to avoid
• Tax deferred money from?option trading

We’ll cover the in and outs of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, living trusts, retirement plans, and help you understand what is right for you. After participating in this interactive event, you’ll have designed your personal wealth plan, understood each part, have reviewed it with your instructor.
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